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"By utilizing my advanced abilities to hold energetic space &

establish a crystal clear connection, I'm able to help clients across the

globe find accurate insight & reassurance they could not find anywhere else."

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My services are provided through a simple process of intuitive meditation & directly relaying gathered information to my clients. With a focus on being as clear and detailed as possible, avoiding the vague results other psychic mediums often produce.

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What My
Clients Say

Debie Trotter

"Ashley is a very gifted psychic intuitive who I have had the privilege of knowing and working with. She is genuine and professional in her work. She inspires me to be more than I see myself because she sees the light waiting to shine."
General Psychic Readings. This Way.
Sacred. Geometry. Third Eye. Moon and Stars

General Reading

Clarity & Life Guidance

This session is focused on current & upcoming occurrences in your life. The related topics can cover things like financial opportunities, relationship outcomes, health concerns, and many more. If you find yourself uncertain about a current situation or what lies ahead, this is a perfect selection.

Passed Loved Ones
woman touching a grave stone. Passed Loved One. Mediumship
Mediumship Angel on Grave Stone

Communication from

passed loved one(s)

Receive memories, phrases, and feelings unique to only your loved one(s). This is a perfect selection for those feeling they have things left unsaid or are in need of reassurance of someone’s presence in their life, or simply want to check-in on the passed loved one’s current state. Three to four loved ones come through during most sessions. 

Past Life
Past Life Image. Royalty, Indigenous man. egypt. priest. 1920's. gypsy

Past Life Reading

 This is the perfect session if you have Deja vu experiences, unexplainable fears or physical ailments, vivid dreams in different time periods or intense pulls to something without reason. While in the Akashic Records, we take a look at three past lives that are the most impactful to your current life.

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