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Hello , I'm  Ashley Monique !

I teach intuitives how to use their abilities to heal their triggers & transform their lives.

During my own spiritual journey, I struggled to find a safe space to learn that also focused on actually practicing my intuitive abilities in real time. I had no clue how to apply what I learned to real life situations. I founded the Awak3ned School to do just that! An interactive learning experience where you are fully supported every step of the way!

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       8 Week Interactive Course 
For Those That Are Ready To Master Their Abilities,
Heal Trauma Triggers & Transform Your Life

 Course Date: August/September 2023 

This is the ONLY intuitive course that focuses on the ACTION!!

Consistent & ongoing practice is where the MAGIC is! 

Step Into Your Power &Take Back Your Life 


You Will Learn:

  • To Master Each of Your Intuitive Abilities

  • Energetic Hygiene: Releasing, Cleansing & Protecting

  • Identify & Heal the Root Cause of Trauma Triggers  

  • Two-Way Communication: Spirit Guide & Ancestral

  • Your Soul Purpose & How To Align With It 

Course Includes:

Exclusive Community hosted on                                 : A safe place to connect with others

Weekly- Classes: Interactive learning modules jam packed with information

Weekly- Practice Circles: Put into action what you learn & see the MAGIC!

Bi-weekly- Shadow Work Sessions: Heal triggers & blast through energetic blocks

Bi-weekly- 1:1 Intuitive IRL Calls: Use your abilities in real life situations & challenges

24/7 Support Chat: Get support when YOU need it. Anytime, Anywhere

Total Course Hours: 22 hrs      Full Course Fee: $2,225

Early Enrollment Fee: $1,111 (Payment Plans Available)


To maintain a high-level of support & interaction,

We ONLY accept SIX students each course 

What Students  Are Saying:

“ I can now fully recognize my abilities &
 my readings have gotten so much better.
I love the confidence I’ve gained in myself.”

Vicki C.

You Are The Perfect Fit To Apply If... 

You've been struggling to use your abilities in an impactful way 

You've found yourself completely lost trying to move beyond your triggers

You would LOVE to make quick, confident decisions when faced with challenges

You know you need more than just a DIY course, you need support 

You’re ready to learn from someone who has been exactly where you are

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