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Each mentorship session is personalized based on where you're at on your journey and what your goals are. We focus on multiple areas of spirituality exploring your unique intuitive abilities and how you experience them in real time.


Spiritual Mentorship


Experience your Abilities,

take back your Power.

 We dive deep into three specific areas of focus, actions to take for the best result, additional challenges that may emerge and any guidance and messages relevant to your development.


Examples of potential areas of focus: Intuitive Abilities, Spiritual Awakening, Transition to Professional Reading, Protection, Manifesting, Shadow Work, Ancestors, Mediumship, Out Of Body Experiences, Parenting Psychic Kids, Starseed Communication and more.

Individual Mentorship Session

Four Mentorship Sessions

Connect with others and explore numerous spiritual & psychic development practices, as wel

Higher Being

Meet A

Higher Beings include: Higher Beings include Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic & more!

During this session you experience seeing, hearing or feeling a Higher Being in real-time and begin creating an impactful

relationship with them.


You will learn:

  • What type of being or guide that they are

  • How-to identify when they are near you

  • Preferred name and how to address them

  • Main Lessons that they are focusing on

  • Receive messages and guidance

A Trip To The 

Akashic Records


"The library of the Universe"

This session is for anyone that wants to learn and experience accessing the Akashic Records including past lives, soul contracts, your life's purpose and so much more.


You will learn:

  • To access the portal to the Akashic Field

  • Communicate with the Guardians & Librarians

  • Set clear intentions (Opening Prayer) to gain access

  • Receive information from the records

  • Safely exit and return from the Akashic Field

  • I also provide intuitive clarification on anything that is experienced or received during our session.

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