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Group of Empowered Women Laughing

Psychic Potential

Unleash Your

Awak3ned Tribe Spiritual Community

We bring together intuitives who are ready to expand their abilities with a curiosity for all things spiritual.

The purpose of our community is to connect with

like-minded people who are also eager to explore

various spiritual and psychic development practices, as well as energy healing techniques.

Together, we strive to create a safe, supportive and judgment free collective.

Why You Should Join Us

You'll Have Access To:

• Monthly Collective Readings

• Group Questions & Answer Live Streams

• 20+ Discussion Feeds on a wide range of Spiritual Topics

• Free Weekly Mini-Teachings & All Previous Teachings

 Monthly Energy Work Group Sessions

 Membership Only Sessions & Special Co-hosted Events

What It Looks Like Inside

Access the community on-the-go from any mobile

or desktop device to fit your life.

Open laptop showing Awakened Community
A cell phone screen showing the Awak3ned community

Mini-Teachings Library

How-To Get Accurate Yes and No Answers
Inner Child Healing Woman holding a teddy bear in a field
Seven Archangels
How-To Balance Chakras
How-To Interpret Dreams
Raise Your Vibration
Transmuting Energy
How-To E.F.T. Tapping

And Many More...

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