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Party Time

Host Your Next
Party or Event

with Ashley Monique

I specialize in insightful experiences & perform short, accurate and thought provoking readings, to uplift the spirit of your guests both in-person and virtual!​

Call or Text (779) 235-0086



Dinner Table

Holiday Parties

Ladies Night neon lights

Ladies' Night

Image by Omar Lopez

Family Gatherings

bachelorette bridal party group of woman with drinks

Bachelorette / Bridal Parties

People in a Bar

Corporate Events & Fundraisers 

Parties are a fantastic opportunity to get with Family, Friends & Coworkers for intuitive readings, compare notes and enjoy the experience! I have a few different types of party styles that I utilize. All of them are Fun, Engaging & Memorable!


Private Party

$40/ per person with a minimum of 8 people.
The hostess receives a free 1/2 hour reading.

A Standard Private Party is a simple option if you are looking for one on one sessions with me in a private setting. All that is required is a separate room or space, table and two chairs. Each person pays for their own reading and the hostess receives a FREE half hour reading for facilitating the event. This is the most popular party style.

There are a few different modalities available during the

private reading: Tarot or Oracle, Mediumship, Energy Healing.

Gallery Style

$320 for a 2hr session
Best suits groups of 3 or more

Gallery readings are specifically tailored for mediumship sessions. They are best for family and close friends who have mutual losses or just don't want to have the experience alone. 

group of women sitting in a circle talking

Corporate / Business or Flat Fee 

$160/hr minimum of 2hrs

Whether launching a new business or hosting a company get together add a fun & unique energy with Ashley Monique offering her intuitive readings.

Most often there are 30+ people at these events so Ashley limits her readings to 5-10 minutes. Enough time to create an impact but short enough to accommodate as many people as possible. 

If necessary and for an additional fee Ashley can bring extra readers with her to maximize the experience.

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